If it’s print, we’re your guys!

One of the most exciting mediums to design for is print. As a creative, you are probably tactile-orientated like us and there’s nothing more satisfying than holding something you’ve created, after putting so much thought and energy into it. While the process of idea to conception can be rewarding, even thrilling, it is most often challenging. Knowing the options available to you, the limitations of those, how each part of the process connects and the impact they have on each other, can be daunting. It can take the fun out of the challenge. This is where we introduce ourselves. We are The Print Guys and as the name can’t help but suggest, we live and breath print.



When putting together our factory, deciding what deserved a space on the floor was a thought that was never quietened. It involved testing our long-held passion for the HP Indigo press, having always believed it was the best digital offering on the market. After countless trials and research, we were proud to give our vote to the Indigo. It sits opposite our Mimaki JV-300 160 reel fed machine, which prints with 8 ink colours. Compared with other machines, this one adds depth to images. Enhancing the character and tone of a black and white photograph.



It also raised discussions of what complementary finishing equipment would serve our clientele the most. We believe we have ended up with a solid and comprehensive offering. One that aids us in our mission to help make your printing projects as easy as possible for you. After all, we are absolutely crazy about it and we want you to look great in front of your clients.