Bleed, crop marks and other mysteries of the universe

Learn here all about bleed and crop marks. Find out why it’s important, what it is and even find tips on how to set up bleed in your Indesign file and have it show up in your exported pdf.


File Specifications

Learn what constitutes a “print-ready” file, discover what sort of software is best to create your files in and find out what file formats to avoid.


RGB versus CMYK

Here we lead you through a discussion on the difference between RGB and CMYK, where each of the colour models comes from and how best to manage the process of converting from RGB to CMYK.



Saddle stitched books suffer from a phenomenon called creep, where the inner pages are shorter than the outer pages, which can present a problem. There are ways to deal with it, and this article deals with it in detail.


Offset or Digital

Some jobs are better suited to offset and some to digital. With our HP Indigo press, the quality is so good that the decision between the two processes comes down largely to cost and timing. In this article we discuss the pros and cons and give you a guide as to what process may be best for different projects.


Comparing Digital Presses

Before we invested in an HP Indigo, we did a lot of research to determine the best technology. This article shares the research for the technically minded amongst us.


CMYK Emulation of Gold

We’re sometimes asked what the best value is to emulate a gold effect in cmyk. There are a couple of tips here to help you get a great gold effect when printing out of cmyk.


Pseudo Kraft Effect

Printing on Kraft paper or board can look awesome, but there are technical issues with printing on packaging grade paper. In this article we discuss some effective ways to get the same result without the cost.


Dieline library

Here you’ll find a collection of dielines for which we hold a corresponding cutting forme – save money on your next diecutting job by using an existing cutting forme rather than making a new one from scratch.

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