Out of all the Auckland Printers, why The Print Guys?

Canvassing the market of Auckland printers as part of your weekly routine may seem mundane to some but it’s what we used to do.

The Print Guys were once print brokers and relied on finding a suitable printer for each job. Now with our own printing presses and finishing gear, the lessons learned from cultivating that network are fundamental to how we service our clients today. Let us show you why certain things are ingrained in our psyche.

Paper sheetsA story with every quotation

Just like there is a different story with fabric, there is a range of contexts with the different paper stocks available. Now that a typical print run is in the tens or hundreds, rather than the thousands, the jobs are getting more personal and considered. Now more than ever clients are concerned what paper best delivers a story. This is why when we send a quotation, we don’t simply include in the email body the word “Attached”. Instead we tell you why we chose the options we did, recommending what we think would be the most suitable. Being wired the way we are, we like to be as proud of the result as you will be. It’s exactly why you will see us making frequent stops by the despatch desk!

In fact when a client requests a quotation, they are rarely ever just after a price. As print brokers, the relationship we had with our clients was based on information-sharing. There is so much to the many facets of print that it is impossible for a typical buyer of print to know all of the ins and outs. Instead, they relied on us to guide them in the right direction, avoiding the unseen pitfalls and taking advantage of the any shortcuts.

Three Days Earlier

Deadlines that were once weeks into the future are now days, sometimes even hours. While the demand for (sometimes crazy) quick turnaround times has become norm, the required standard for what is then delivered remains high. Our clients have always asked for both and our production staff have proven to do an excellent job of providing just that. There will always be some processes that cannot be rushed but for the most part a day is the new week.

GuillotineGetting the right gear

With a clientele predominately made up of creative agencies and graphic designers, we have always found ourselves in the (affectionately) fussy end of the market with a significant emphasis on the quality of the print. These are the sorts of people who care a great deal about matching specific colours, developing solutions for a very particular purpose, and achieving certain lifespans. All of this requires the right equipment and it was with this in mind that we selected the machinery to cover our floors. From the widely loved HP Indigo and its incredible ability to manipulate colour – not to mention the liquid ink technology that sees the ink soak into the paper, showing off the fibres of the paper – to the Mimaki JV-300 160 and the amazingly wide colour spectrum from its available 8 cartridge system. Along with finishing machinery that in sum provides a multitude of ways for bindings books, protecting or embellishing printed material, or creating something completely new.